About Me

  • I'm sorry if there are many mistakes in my English. (I'm Vietnamese)
  • Birthday:  August, 12th
  • Nickname: Yuuko Ani  (優子アニ). I use this nickname everywhere (Forums, games,  FB,...)
  • Still FA. NO NEED lovey-dovey girlfriend until 28s. Career & Anime are high priorities.
  • I won't do romazinations for all Japanese Musics. Anime Musics dake (only).
  • I did not like Vocaloid in the past, and now, i do not like both Vocaloid and AKB48. (That mean i will not accept requests about them:).
  • My romanizations are slightly unusual like other Lyrics Websites/Blogs                                                         ex:  私はバカです --> Watashi ha BAKA desu
  • I have started this blog since October 2013.
  • Although I can read Kanji slightly "above-the-little-kitten" (my JLPT is N3 and stills aiming to N2 somedays). But don't ask me to translate into English. My primal language is Vietnamese, i don't know if my English is good enough or not.
  • I'd love to know where you are from, so if possible, use your Google+, or add  a backlink to your Twitter, FB, Reddit, bla...bla... by using Name/ URL in comment Section, but, Feel free to leave anonymous comment. 
  • Error reports are GREATLY WELCOME.  
  • If you can't find the lyrics. Contact me in Request Section, i will reply as fast as i can.
  • I usually be online at 9h30m PM (-8 PTS), so i can chat with you via Facebook if you like.
  • Don'f forget  leaving your feedback, +1, re-sharing on social networks, and adding me to your Google+. I appreciate so much ^^
Thanks for reading this.

Yuuko Ani